Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Muggle, A Birthday and A New Love for Wizards

I recall when the Harry Potter series first became a phenomenon. I was in my early twenties working as a nanny and the girls were addicted to the book series. Though I initially thought I was beyond the age limit of this fantasy world, I decided to begin reading the first book so I could keep up with the girls conversations. That is when I fell in love with Harry Potter and his story. Nearly ten years later, I just completed my first Harry Potter birthday party for a 7 year old client (who is also a friend and classmate of my son). I understand his love for Harry, Hermione and Ron and hope he can see the "love" in the details. 

Check out the invitation from Megan at The Ink Market below. We'll try to get the party pic's blogged soon!

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