Monday, February 28, 2011

The Journey at Platform 9 3/4

The journey to this magical birthday celebration began at Platform 9 3/4.

Upon entering the space, twenty little boys discovered a new world many had never experienced. A world that included a sorting hat that sang a silly poem and organized the children into "houses." 

House members were identified by colored scarves and rings. Upon house selection, each child was given an acceptance letter from Dumbledore himself. 

All of Harry's favorite foods were served for lunch (ham sandwiches, a herbology tray, cupcakes, butterbeer and berry ocky rot). 

After lunch, boys lined up to take their turn in the "chair of doom" while they each tasted a jelly bean from Bertie Bots Every Flavor Beans. Some boys didn't mind the flavors of pineapple, blueberry or the non-tasting beans. Others, however, caused the audience to shriek with laughter when they discovered flavors such as onions and dirt!

The favorite station was the candy shop which we blogged about last week. The kids were digging in feverishly and filling their bags to the brim with as much candy as they could. Not a surprise but slightly funny to watch. 

After the candy shop raid, kids found themselves at the Wand Shop. Each boy created his very own magical wand using a pretzel rod, chocolate and candy sprinkles. 

The amazement of this birthday celebration really came when the guests arrived to potions class. Children were told to create their own concoction from ingredients such as excitability solution, knotgrass, armadillo bile, dragon tears, sleeping powder and acromantula venom. It's amazing what excitement a little dry ice can bring to a party!


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